Serenity Waxing Treatments

Our Estheticians will make every part
of your body silky and smooth with our
sophisticated waxing techniques.
Hair removal is safe and effective.

Bikini $45 and up

Brazillian $65 and up

Chin/Lip $20

Lip $15

Jaw Line $20

Eyebrow $15

Full Arm $45 and up

Half Arm $25 and up

Full Leg $65 and up

Half Leg $40 and up

Underarm $30 and up


Follow up care is absolutely essential to the effectiveness of all waxing treatments. Therefore, it is recommended that waxing appointments be scheduled every 2-3 weeks for optimal results. Please allow three weeks for hair growth in between waxing. Shaving interferes with optimal waxing results by causing discomfort and irritation. Clients using Acutane or Retin-A cannot receive waxing services.

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