Serenity Massage Therapy

30 min. Massage – $50
60 min. Massage – $70!

CHAIR MASSAGE (20 mins.) $25
For our guests that enjoy massage techniques without  the fear of disrobing, a chair massage may be the answer. This massage focuses on the upper body while seated in a stationary position in a massage chair designed for maximum relaxation.

A relaxing Swedish massage to loosen tight muscles, soothe soreness and increase circulation in the neck, shoulders and lower back.


 REFLEXOLOGY (30 mins.) $45
This trigger-point style of massage focuses on points of the hands and feet believed to correspond to each organ, gland and structure of the body. Stimulates full body health. An effective way to relieve pain and stress.

This massage combines the healing power of aromatherapy with a concentration on the upper body. Pure essential oils are chosen and blended for the individual's health needs, to create a personal massage experience.

SWEDISH MASSAGE (60 mins.)  $70
Serenity signature massage combines the healing power of aromatherapy with a Swedish massage. Promotes the relaxation of tense muscles. Using a variety of muscle manipulations, increases lymphatic flow producing a fresh supply of oxygen to the muscles and detoxifies the system. Pure essential oils are chosen and blended for the individual health needs to create a personal massage experience.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (60 mins.)  $90
Focuses on deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissues to help relieve tension and pain,

increases circulation, remove toxins and restore balance to the body. Perfect for when a particular area of the body needs extra attention.
(Recommended after running, aerobics or a strenuous workout.)

Customized massage that includes both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques useful in promoting healthy lymphatic and metabolic systems.

WARM STONE MASSAGE (60 mins.) $90
Ancient art of healing uses elements of Mother Nature to bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints and stress. Basalt stones are strategically placed over the body. The heated stones melt away tight muscles and release emotional tensions throughout the body.

PRE-NATAL MASSAGE (60 mins.) $90
This side-lying therapeutic massage will encourage serenity and improve overall well being during pregnancy. A gentle, soothing style specially designed for the particular needs of expectant mothers.

COUPLE MASSAGE (60 mins.) $170
Time for just the two of you. This pampering experience includes a side by side Swedish massage followed by some private relaxation time to enjoy each other.

Treatments envelop the body with a deep massage of the feet, scalp, neck and body. Hot-hand harvested, sea shells are smoothed over vital energy points and each muscle, relaxing the mind and body, while delivering intense therapeutic heat deep into sore tissues for extreme serenity.

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