Serenity Body Restorations

Body Treatments are more effective when done consecutively. Pre-pay for five treatments and receive the sixth treatment free!

Take a sweet and salty revenge on stress with our soothing, smoothing body glow. Our spa professionals will exfoliate and hydrate you, accessing all of those hard-to-reach spots for a head-to-toe glow and smooth finish. This treatment promotes hydration and exfoliation and increases tone. Marine salts possess curative virtues for the beauty and integrity of the skin.

All wraps have a remarkably soothing, calming effect. Includes a hot shower at the conclusion of service.

Natural Moor Mud body wrap detoxifies the body and helps to mobilize toxins stored in fat cells, so they can be eliminated from the body naturally. Helps in healing troubled skin, reduces cellulite, treats back acne, tones and tightens the skin, and
alleviates muscle pain.

Mud from the ancient sea of Israel, treats and purifies skin, promotes hydration, reduces muscular pain and inflammation of joints, and decreases appearance of dry skin, eczema and acne. This wrap stimulates and refreshes the skin. Since ancient times the benefits of minerals and natural clays have been used to smooth, hydrate and purify the body. Experience this old tradition and see why this method has been around for so many years.

Paradisius by Aqua-Laure' unties exotic fragrances and unique body treatments to create a sensorial, elaborate experience that creates a "personal paradise" for one! This unique cocooning technique utilizes a soft exfoliant with ground fruit, plant and flower extracts to be combined with aqueous gel, specifically designed to leave the skin soft, supple and silky. A rich velvety clay is used to help relax the body and firm the skin. This 3-step Paradisius experience has 5 unique
treatments to choose from, each with personalized aromatherapy and comes with a take-home body cre`me and fragrance voile to melt away all your worries and prolong your paradise at home! An absolute must have!!

A sauna experience can promote weight loss. Spending time in a sauna can burn as many as 3000 calories. Sauna sessions can also give you the appearance of tightened skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite.
Includes a
private shower before & after.
(Recommended use before a body massages
or after a body treatment.)
$25.00 for 30 minutes.

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